Prof. Dr. Roqia Shalaby, Dean of Faculty of Girls opened the training course for members of the teaching staff to train on «steps to obtain a certificate of completion of informatics data» organized by the Information Technology Unit in collaboration with University portal.

Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, praised the heavily attendance and keenness of teaching staff and researchers to access to the latest methods of information and databases that the university share, whether to utilize in their research or taught to faculty students.

Dr. Sahar Sobhi, Director of Information Technology Unit at the faculty emphasized on the importance of obtaining a certificate of completion of information where it has become a prerequisite for all transactions within the university as it contributes to raising the classification of the university regionally and globally.

Engineer/ Dina Elwy , development manager of University portal explained how the faculty member can get  his own institutional email and the way to put his research , theses and doctoral degrees for each faculty member on “Research gate” to allow researchers around the world of scientific benefit from this research. In addition, she pointed out how to create an e-mail at Gmail and steps to get an account on google scholar and how to use it.

Moreover, Eng. Abdel Halim Abdel Hady, managing editor and coordinator of portal project gate answered all questions from some faculty members about how to link institutional to any other e-mail that faculty member uses, and resolve some of the problems facing them through the mail activation.

He also stressed on the willingness of portal project at the university to provide support and assistance and to respond to all inquiries of faculty members and researchers.