Events of Child University of Ain Shams University began on Sunday, January 29 during first semester vacation under the auspices of prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, Rector, Prof. Sharif Kotb, director of projects and the development of innovation and intellectual property Center and general supervisor of Child University. The events vary from lectures and field visits to faculties, laboratories, scientific museums, botanical gardens and places of archaeological university and the practice of various scientific, educational and artistic activities.

a workshop entitled "sculpture art" was held to define the kids the talent for sculpture, under the supervision of Dr. Mo’men Hifnauy ,professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts to discover the talents of children and develop their talents and introduce them by the materials used in the sculpting process, and the kids made some shapes and sculptures as mini-parody of the statues in public squares . The workshop was at the garden of Zafaran Palace, in addition to hold other introductory workshop to learn about insects and plants at Faculty of Science.