Training Day to master the use of the knowledge sources of the Egyptian knowledge bank

Training day was identified to master the use of sources of knowledge in Egyptian knowledge bank, in the light of the ongoing cooperation between the units of technology services and the Office of International Cooperation and Communication, Faculty of Education, Ain University and under the auspices of the faculty administration represented by Dr. Dean of the faculty and agents, according to the site of Faculty of Education.

Dr. Hany Nady Yusuf unit manager of technology services was the trainer, and activities of the training day continued from ten o'clock in the morning until four o'clock in the afternoon, training was to Gentlemen of faculty members, assistants, graduate students and foreign students on the various sources available through the Egyptian knowledge bank.

Discovery education - Acland anatomy of Human Body - Learn Chemistry - Scopus - Web of Science - Science direct - Springer - EBSCO - Wiley - Proquest - Geofacet -Marine lit - chemispider - FSTA - CAB Abstract - LWW - Cambridge university press - Adam Mathew – Emerald.

Dr. Said El-said Khalil, Dean of the faculty, Dr. Majed Abu El-eneen undersecretary for Graduate Studies and Research through the speech, which was said at the training day on the importance of knowledge sources offered by the Egyptian knowledge bank to serve the teaching and research process alike.

Brigadier-General expressed his desire to activate such courses within each section to include the faculty as a whole and all the faculty members as such training courses of the most important events that supported and encouraged the faculty.

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